Guitar Tutorial: "Show Us Christ" from Sovereign Grace Music

I had the pleasure back in December to work with Sovereign Grace Ministries on filming some guitar tutorial videos for a handful of their songs. I've appreciated so much what they've been doing in creating gospel saturated, biblically rich, and musically compelling, congregational songs for the church to sing and it was an honor to be a part of the project. These tutorials are geared towards acoustic players and give you options for how to play if you are in a variety of circumstances, i.e. just acoustic to playing acoustic in a band setting. We cover things like chord voicings, capos, fingerpicking, strumming, timing, etc.. Hopefully you'll find them useful!

"Show Us Christ" is one of my favorite songs from SGM (I explain why in the video) and, musically, Bob Kauflin did a uniquely beautiful job playing this on piano. As guitarists, it can be frustrating to try and take such a beautiful arrangement on piano and translate it convincingly to the guitar. We just don't have the same range as the piano. But! With a few changes we can model it after what Bob played so beautifully while making it sound at home on the guitar. I show you a finger picking solution for just that with some chord voicing ideas.* Also, I offer some tips for going from fingerpicking to strumming and/or what choices (including not playing!) you might make if you were playing with a piano player here and in a band. Check it out: *I came up with a solution to play the intro exactly like the piano but it involves right hand, plucked harmonics. It can be done but its not necessarily what you want to be focusing on while you're leading the song! When I'm leading a song I try to minimize the ways in which I could potentially train wreck it by doing something too fancy or distracting :).