When I was young, I remember listening to my dad playing guitar in the other room as I would go to sleep: folk songs from the 60's, finger style, classical pieces. Stories and sounds. 

I later picked up guitar to learn every Beatles song (had a great vintage record collection) and ended up sticking with it, studying music through grad school. Day Tripper turned into Bach. Incredibly, many opportunities to see Dave Brubeck play (even to be on stage with his group as an undergrad at his alma mater) erased serious music snobbery, blew my mind and opened it up to all sorts of musical possibilities. Years studying and playing music in L.A. cemented an openness and love for music of all kinds.  

I've performed extensively, classically and with bands. I've spent much time as an educator, in clinics and full time at the university level. I also have a deep love for music in the Church, serving the Body of Christ and training others to do so as well.

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